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So it seems like my 12 steps to pussy free blog had a huge effect on my sissy chrissy. She was in the back of a cab in Vegas when the notification popped up and she started to read it. She told me that what happened next blew her mind not only did she fine herself super turned on at the thought of being denied pussy for life but that she also had a spontaneous Orgasm! Of Course I was blown away by this information and have been thinking about it ever since and wondered if any of you have had that sort of thing happen.

Spontaneous orgasm

So have you ever been so turned on so worked up that without touching or friction or any of the sort you just blew your load? Many moons ago I had a lover have an spontaneous orgasm while licking my pussy. He like Chrissy after her orgasm was shocked, surprised and blown away by it happening. So have you ever had one?

Hands Free orgasms

This also brings me to those of you who set out and try to have a hands free orgasm. You can use toys and such but no hands touching to get you off. Have you ever had one or have you ever tried to have one but failed? I have seen a fuck ton of hands free porno out there where the guy is sometimes using anal stimulation to get off….or attaching a bullet vibe to his dick and one where all he did was make his dick flap up and down and he shot. So have you even though about trying this?

Fascinate me

I am always fascinated by orgasms and what brings them on out side of the normal masturbating routines we have so dont be shy share with me all your different and creative ways to get off

hands free orgasm