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So this blog is not what you are thinking, Yes I went shopping with my pet but it was nothing kinky although it was tons of fun.Some of you have this impression of me that I am a scary mean femdom Mistress and I should be feared, and you wouldnt be totally wrong there is a mean wicked side to me. However there is a fun silly side to me too, a helpful side and a very Vanilla side and once you get to know me you will see all sides of who I am and how I am.

Now onto our shopping trip my BBP is a truck driver who is on the road all the time and we are often talking while he is driving which I enjoy, we share so many laughs it is good for the soul. Well the other day my BBP took me shopping but not at the sex store at the grocery store! He had to pick up some food items to get him through his next long trip and I was more than happy to go for the trip.

BBP of course uses blue tooth head set so everyone in the store is wondering just who the fuck he is talking too. He went up and down the isle taking me with him as we discussed the ingredients he needed for certain meals, jalapenos, ground beef, hot sauce……and of course me being the sweets queen I wanted him to go to the bakery LOL where he made lap after lap looking at all the yummy things…..I am sure to other shoppers he looked down right silly but ya know what he didnt care he had me in his ear.

We laughed as I tried to describe my favorite cookies in the cookie isle and he of course got like the only cookie I dont dig Oreo’s LOL but thats okay cause he was the one eating them not me. Needless to say he spent close to 100  bucks during this shopping trip and not one item was used for kinky fun…..but ya know what I had a blast he had a blast and this shopping trip was one I really enjoyed. Of course I like kinky shopping trips too but showing all of you a softer silly easy going normal side to Mistress is what the goal of this blog was and sharing just how much joy and fun my BBP brings me doing just every day things.

Now if you want to take me shopping for kinky or just every day things lets do it. Lets have some laughs and enjoy the funny looks you will get he he he