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I have been thinking about this blog post for 2 days……I have a filthy mouth some of you love it some of you don’t care for it. Having a potty mouth is all part of who I am I have been this way nearly all my life. I used to be told I had the mouth of a sailor or trucker…..yet I have met both and I seem to out cuss them ha ha ha. So lets talk about some of the filthy words I enjoy


Yes fuck is a word I use a lot and love! It also is my favorite activity ha ha ha. I love fuck for so many reasons because it can be used in a good or bad way. There are many ways to say fuck and it is fuck and they are all fucking fun! Fuck you, fuck me, fuck off, fucking,fuckalicious and so many more. I love FUCK


This is becoming another huge favorite of mine. Calling someone a twat is never a good thing when I use it and lately I have been using it a lot. Of course I also combine it with Fuck to call someone a fucking twat. I also like twat face, twat lips, and twat muffin is a new one I been using a lot ha ha ha


There was a time that this was a huge NO NO word for me…I would say the *C* word instead of saying cunt. Oh but now I use cunt a lot simply because I like to shock people when it comes out of such a pretty mouth. Filthy cunt is something i reserve for the truly disgusting fuckwads of the world.

What does this say about me?

So it used to be that when someone used foul language it was a sign they were not very smart, they lacked the intelligence to use less vulgar words. This simply has never been the case with my use of vulgarity. It is simply a part of who I am and how I express myself, I don’t always cuss especially in mixed company where it would be totally inappropriate. There is a time and place to use such foul language and thankfully for me the line of work I am in it is encouraged to use naughty words he he he.

What is your favorite cuss word

So lets see what are some of your favorite cuss words? Do you use one over the other? Or do you not curse at all?