Yes I am a sex worker and I love what I fucking do. With being in the adult entertainment field there are a few things I would like to clear up about my work and about who I am.

Yes I talk dirty for a living but no I don’t do it everywhere with everyone
Yes I do kinky things on the phone but not to those who do not ask for it
No I don’t walk around in high heels and lingerie all the time (sorry)
I only make fun of those who pay me to do so
I respect my callers and don’t think you are all losers
I am grateful to have an outlet to talk about kink in a safe way
I appreciate all the loyalty and perks that come with what I do
No I will not just fuck anyone
Just because I am in this business does not mean I don’t have morals
I actually care about my clients
I am a normal chick with a wicked side
I have a life outside of my kink life that is very vanilla and I like it
I am a Mistress to those I have established that relationship with
I do not dominate every person I meet nor do I want to
I am nice and understanding I am not a pushover
I do not hate men
I have not been abused and now I do this for a living
I love myself 
I have bad days just like everyone on the planet
I expect to be respected as a human being by everyone as I respect others

Okay so there you have it some sex worker myths busted and I speak for myself not everyone. I am tired of meeting people in a very vanilla way and upon finding out what I do for a living they think rules do not apply. They think I am slutty or easy or a bitch because of the title I use. I am a caring warm funny loving woman…I respect others and expect respect and unless we have established a Mistress sub dynamic I am NOT your Mistress and have no intention of trying to “turn you”, Also even if you come to me for distance domination I won’t instantly be your Mistress I take what I do seriously and what you give me in submission is a gift, I am not the right Mistress for everyone and until we have spoken and established trust and understanding I cant nor wont be your Mistress.