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You know who you are…you jerk off too much… much wasted time tugging on that dick. These Masturbation affirmation is designed to keep you where you belong and your hands off that cock! Now repeat after me….

I jerk off too much
I will only jerk off with permission
My orgasms are not mine to have
My orgasms belong to Mistress
Mistress controls my cock
Mistress controls my cum
I may not cum without my Mistress
I don’t need to cum I need my Mistress
My Mistress will guide me
My Mistress will mold me
I need to be molded and controlled
I Jerk off too much
Mistress will control my cock
I need to be controlled
I am weak without my Mistress
I give Mistress full control
I Jerk off too much

There repeat that 3 times a day every day and soon you will be coming to me for full on masturbation control. I have said this a billion times if you jerk off too much you are cheating yourself of a meaningful orgasm. I challenge you all to not jerk off as much as you do now and see how it changes the intensity of your orgasms. If you do not see a much more powerful orgasm go longer without jerking off and you will. Or just reach out to me give over control to me and let me guide you to a more rewarding and satisfying cock controlled orgasm!