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So now that I am pretty much back in the swing of things on the phone I have been having some fun! Not only talking to my special pet a lot which I love but meeting new fun callers as well. A few of the latest callers of mine have had huge stocking fetishes. Either on ladies or on themselves and man that got me to thinking just how hot stockings are.

Men who love women in hose

Well first of all if your like my pet the look and even feel of sexy stockings on sexy legs drives you wild! Just staring at some long sexy legs in some sexy sheer stockings is enough to make that cock twitch! Now if you add in touching those stockings well then that cock not only twitches but it drips and throbs and aches to feel those stocking against it. I love guys who have a sexy leg fetish and love to tease those cocks with my stocking covered legs mmm mmm mmmmmmm

Men who love wearing stockings

Now these men/ sissies/ cross dressers are fucking fun! I love walking men through putting on those stockings and having them describe what feeling them on their skin is doing to them. I love having them touch those stockings with just the tips of those fingers sending shivers down their spine. Oh the lovely noises they make when they do it just right! Of course feeling those stockings on makes them wet and horny and ready for some action and I just fucking love that!!!!!

Do you love stocking covered legs

So tell me are you a leg loving man who loves to see women in stockings or are you the type that likes to actually put them on? If you want to discuss any part of stocking and leg fetish you be sure to pick up that phone and ask for me I sooooooo want to hear all about it!!!!