Well it has been some time since I have done a random thoughts blog so lucky for you all today is the day. I will warn you now this is all about the heat and how fucking hot it is. So grab a cold beverage and chill while you read it

Fuck it is hot out like fucking Africa Hot maybe even hotter than Africa!!!

I walked the pooch before 9 am and I am just roasting and he didn’t seem to mind I mean what the fuck he wears a fur coat

I have lived in Florida a long time why am I not used to this heat

I hardly wear anything as it is I mean could I be cooler if I were just naked?

If I walked the pooch naked would the cops get called or just a lot of stares and such?

Does everyone in Florida feel this way about the heat?

I wonder if I could make a subbie walk behind me with some ice and apply it to my skin when I start to feel too hot? ( of course I can duh)

When will the heat end…oh that’s right in like January after all it is fucking Florida!

Is it hot everywhere right now?

Thank god for central Air I would never live here without it…and I think anyone who does live here without it is INSANE

I thought it was hot last summer I think this summer is even hotter!

I am just going to live in my bikinis for the rest of the summer even when running errands fuck it if I am gonna roast I will look good roasting!

The heat zaps my energy so I think I will just go on strike and not do a damn thing till winter…..I WISH

Well there you have it some random thoughts about this fucking heat and how I feel about it. I know many of you are dealing with summer and the heat as well as I am and I bet some of you can even relate to what I am saying and well if you are some place cool I HATE YOU hhahahaha kidding….maybe

Stay Cool all and here is a picture to make you all feel as hot as I do right now!