I will be gone one more day and you will just have to manage making it through today without me. I know it has been hard for you to be without me all weekend. I know you miss seeing me in email and hearing my voice on the phone.

You just have to make it through today and tonight and then tomorrow afternoon I shall be back and you can hop in line to be my first caller upon my return. Or you can set up an appointment with me by sending me an e-mail constance@enchantrixempire.com so you can be the first to speak to me upon my return…for this I will just take callers in the order the mails requesting an appointment were sent in…so first mail first cum or well first denied as the case may be hahahaha

I want to address the fact that I have been taking lots of time away the last few months and thank you all for being loyal and supportive and understanding during this time. Many of you know I need these breaks for many reasons and I am going to take them as much as needed.With that being said I will also be moving in the upcoming months which means even more back and forth and days away…… but I promise after November the days away will be further apart or well maybe they wont be? Who knows I may become a world traveler hehehehehe but seriously once I get settled at the new place things will settle down and i will be more hands on and available for lots of fun.

Okay all see you tomorrow Love and Peace to you all

Kinky Fun