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So clearly I am a day late on my weekly kink confessions post whoops! I think I was so focused on my return to cock radio last night it slipped my mind. So here it is better late than never week 4 of my kink confessions. If this is going to be an ongoing blog I will need more submissions, remember even though I may know your kinks my readers may not so share them even if I know them. Also remember you can submit them without anyone knowing who you are simply by using the tab at the top of my blog page HERE

Dear Mistress My Kink Confessions Is:

This is pretty embarrassing. I would never admit it face to face. Basically I have a sort of bra, pantie, slip and nylons kind of addiction. I also am not exactly ‘well endowed’. I have more than a few times been gently humiliated by girls about that issue. Sometimes I fantasize when I play with bras and panties that “this is all I get” because of the small endowment and I should be “happy that I get to do at least this”. I guess it is sort of accepting humiliation or something. I do love lingerie very deeply.¬†

I can see why a grown ass man would be embarrassed by admitting this kink, I mean it can be a bit humiliating to be in women’s lingerie for sure! The thing that is so fitting is that you have a small penis which I am sure fits into those panties so nicely! Honestly the way your mind works is pretty awesome because you are right you should be happy to get what you get and hey with such a small penis you wearing panties is the only way you will be getting in any hehehehehe. Thanks for sharing!

Dear Mistress My Kink Confession Is:

I am embarrassed to admit regular condoms are way to big for me. When i would have sex in the past (which wasn’t often) my tiny penis would slip out of the condoms i would buy. I wasn’t buying Magnums or anything large, just regular condoms, usually Trojans.It would slide on fine,, but the problem came in that it almost always slipped off during sex. I would have to stop and fish out the condom from inside her pussy. Fortunately, due to my small size it was only 4 -5 inches inside, so it was easy to reach with my fingers.Still, it killed the mood, meant the woman wasn’t happy or satisfied and was embarrassing as hell… have a ‘so called cock’ too small to fit in a condom!

hahahahahahahahahahaha now this made me laugh! Knowing you the way I do I know that at best before you met me you were average but I had no idea that condoms didn’t even fit you! I mean you should be embarrassed that they would slide off because your dick was too small to keep it on and you should be embarrassed that the woman ended up annoyed unsatisfied and just over all bored. But the good news is now that I am in he picture I have had you embrace your average penis locked it in chastity and now it has shrunk to the size of a clit! Oh and no woman will ever have to suffer through sex with you again because you are banned from pussy for LIFE! Thanks for sharing¬†

So there you have it another couple of kinky confessions from my followers. I am enjoying reading them and hope to get a bunch more in the up coming days/weeks i would love to keep this going like I did my Ask Mistress post so get those confessions in to me boys and gurls!