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NO I am not singing a song hahahahaha and no I don’t mean beach balls. Nor am I talking about a persons over all attitude and having “Big balls” what I am talking about is, I like big juicy cum filled denied blue balls! That’s right the longer you are denied the bigger those balls become. Fuck for some of you when I have locked you in chastity your balls got to be bigger than your actual penis! For me not only the effect of denial on balls is awesome, but the journey getting to the full swollen balls is part of the thrill!

Denial makes the heart grow fonder and the balls bigger

Mmmmm so how do you achieve big swollen fat balls? Denial silly! Yes the longer you are denied the bigger balls you get. Not only do your balls swell over time the longer you are not allowed to have a full on orgasm but they turn such lovely shades of purplish blue! To see the noticeable size difference from day one of denial to day 31 is such a hot fucking thrill!

Edging while denied =Big Balls

Yes if you are allowed to incorporate a bit of edging and stroking into your denial you can create some of the biggest blue balls on the planet! So as long as you can handle edging and jerking without cumming I suggest you try it and notice what it does to your balls. In fact start out day one of denial snapping a picture of those balls. Commit to 30 days of full on denial with edging a few times a week and at the end of each week take another picture of those balls to compare with the first week. I bet you will see a huge difference in ball size!

Aching big balls

Now if you want to really add something to those cum filled aching big balls try a bit of ball spanking to add to it….not only will they change colors but because they already ache from being denied they will ache even more and fuck me I love that! So are you ready to see those balls get HUGE and have them ache? I am!!!


big balls

take a picture of your big balls