Hey all just a heads up I am going to be away all weekend leaving Friday 8/24 back on Monday 8/27 so no naughty stuff happening with me on the phones but plenty of naughty stuff happening here on my blog for you to check out hehehe

You will also see posts on places like twitter and tumblr while I am away…dont get all excited thinking OMG she is here it is all being scheduled ahead of time hehehehe

So what are you going to do with yourself while I am away…one thing is for sure if you belong to me there will be absolutely NO cumming thats right no fucking cumming while I am out of town….and hell for many of you not while I am in town either hehehehe after all I do love orgasm denial!

Why not spend some time looking back through my old blog posts while I am away I mean there is a fuck ton on so many different topics! Here is all my CBT postsĀ  for all of you ball busting fans hehehehe

For those of you who dig cuckolding you should check out these posts I am sure there is something in them that will make your cuckold cock spring to life

Perhaps you are a sissy girl and love feminization well guess what girl I have a fuck ton of things for you to enjoy too! Check out feminization’sissy past posts here

And of course being the chastity queen and denial diva I have a fuck ton of denial and chastity posts you can check out here!

I think that about covers it I mean there is so much more on my blog to check out you should spend the weekend I am away doing just that hehehee from pictures to audios to all kinds of great kinky and yes sometimes even silly blog posts.

Have a great weekend all and i will see you on Monday!

BlueBalls make me happy