So yes I have been taking a fuck ton of time off these days but hey I deserve it right? I will be off Sunday and Monday and back sometime late Tuesday morning. I am going to hang out by the pool have a cocktail or two and just enjoy some more down time. I know you all have been missing me but all you have to do if you want to reach me and set something up is send me an e-mail and I will make it happen

what can you do while I am away

Well if you are a devoted pet you can go and do things like share my tweets and my tumblr posts. You can leave comments here on my blog fuck you can submit a kinky confession for an upcoming blog. There are many things you can do while I am away to keep you busy.

Listen to my audios and edge

You can take this time to edge that cock and listen to some of your favorite audios I have put out. If you do this I want a short mail telling me which audios you edged too so be sure to take note! I know how you boys get when your cock is in your hand you forget lots of things hehehehehehe

Look for my return

I will be back Tuesday late morning so you can sit and wait for me to return and be the first in line to get a call into me and tell me just how much you missed me hehehehehe. Just a side note after this little away time I should be back on track and not taking more time off till later in August 🙂