I have a very special sissy cuckold I am sure you all know Princess I have mentioned her in blog posts many times. Well Princess is not just a cuckold and not just a chastity pet and not just a sissy. Princess is all those things and now locked and limp for life! I would like to add I could no be more thrilled and proud of her progress and how she embraces every new thing.

No pussy for princess

It has been years now since I banned princess from fucking, hell back then princess had what most would say is average sized penis. Oh but average is not good enough so I banned princess from pussy and she has totally embraced it.

Locked in chastity

Yes a few years back princess and I started exploring chastity and discovered a very hot button for princess. Shrinking and becoming even smaller and less of a man…this is why she is now named princess

Shrinking led to cross dressing

Yes the smaller that clit got the deeper her desire to wear feminine things. I couldn’t be happier with this because she is much better suited as a sissy than a man and well the clit between her legs would say the same thing to anyone who saw it hehehehe.

Limp for life

Now princess and I are enjoying the fact she is always limp. No getting engorged or an erection not even a tiny pathetic erection is allowed. Instead I am keeping her limp for life locked in chastity. I could not be more thrilled about this in fact when having to change chastity devices we inflict a bit of cbt to ensure princess remains limp not feeling the pleasure of becoming stiff.

Limp is what she should be

Yes being limp is the only way she should be because why the fuck would an erection do anyone any good?? I mean erections are used to fuck or to jerk off and well princess gets to do neither of those things. No woman on earth will look at that limp clit and say mmm I want it hahahahaha so ya it will stay limp for life!