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After a very long break from the podcast world I am coming back to my weekly kink korner show on Wednesday nights at 8pm eastern! Starting August 1st and every Wednesday night after that you can catch me live on the air right here 

What is the show about

Ha to put it simply this show is about whatever comes to mind and even when I do have a topic in mind we often go way off with silly chat and tons of fucking laughter. Sometimes I rant sometimes I goof off and sometimes I just chill with all my fans and enjoy an hour of escape from the real world.

I am always open

Don’t go getting all excited with that title…what I mean is I am always open to topics for discussion but please don’t expect me to be too serious about anything because life is just too fucking short to be all serious. If you like to just laugh and have a good time well this would be the show for you.

Podcast is recorded and can be heard anytime

Remember even if you can not make my live show you can enjoy past episodes simply by going to my show page and checking them out. They are recorded and will be there forever for you to enjoy anytime.

Join chat during the live show

A huge part of my show is the chatters that join me live during the podcast so don’t forget to join all of us in the kink chat room here 
Many of the chatters have been joining my show for years so don’t worry about keeping up just buckle up and hang on for the ride trust me you will enjoy it hehehehe

Thank you

To all of my loyal fans who have been waiting patiently for my return and I look forward to reconnecting with all of you!!