Just a little heads up I am out of town till Monday I will be enjoying some sun and relaxation on the lake and some much needed time with some very close friends.

I realize I have been taking a fuck ton of time off these days but I am doing so out of necessity not because I am flaky. Those of you who know my situation know I need time to adjust and get my head back together.

I think what you all should do while I am away…well those of you who have access to your cocks/clits that is ( sorry chastity boys Mistress is away and you do NOT get to play) Is to edge 2 times a day every day while I am gone. If you are able to do this without having an accident I will consider you getting some relief when I return next week.

Now just because I said you might get relief dont come thinking it is a guarantee as you know I control that cock and those orgasms and I can simply change my mind at anytime. if you do not do the edging you are for sure not getting to cum so think about that hehehehe.

One more image to have in your head during my weekend away is me in a bikini on a boat soaking up the sun and enjoying a COCKtail or 10 hahahahaha. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Fuckalicious Friday!!!!