This is just a heads up I am back from my weekend away and I had planned to be on yesterday but my day took a turn that kept me going and kept me from being naughty on the phone. To those of you who were anxiously awaiting my return I apologize but life happens.

I had a blast with my friends on the lake it was super hot but also super fun. Many late nights with my friends with lots of deep talks and of course so much laughter our sides hurt!

It was also a birthday of one of my friends and we had a blast celebrating and I may or may not have done a sexy Marilyn Monroe happy birthday for him……dont worry his gf was right there and thrilled I was doing it hehehehe.

But alas my short little vacay is over and I am back and getting my groove on. I will be on for calls today but it will be broken up by an out of the house appointment so I will be on and off. If you want to have some fun just mail me and we can work something out

I hope you all have behaved yourself and I look forward to hooking up real soon