Well You wont have to wait much longer for me to return to the phones and rocking those cocks because I am back tomorrow afternoon!!!!! Yes I should be recovered from my fun weekend and ready to get back to controlling those cocks!

So while I was gone did you edge to orgasm like I told you to? Did you keep that cum in those horny full balls? Are you ready to hear your fate as to if you get to cum? I should be logged inf or calls about 1pm Tomorrow (Monday 16th) so get your phone ready that cock out and hard for me and when I answer the phone just tell me if you edged for me and are aching to cum.

Now if I answer the phone and you tell me you didn’t edge or had an accident be prepared to have those balls busted by me! Yes I will be inflicting some cbt to those who did not follow the directions. If you know me at all you know I will be more than happy to hear your whimpering in pain for me!

Now time to get ready for my return and I hope to talk to many of you tomorrow