First let me say I am on for calls so pick up the phone if you want some Constance Time

Now onto my rant about selfies

As many of you already know I have said things in the past about selfies and what I hate seeing such as close ups of your assholes the only time I want to see your asshole close up is when you are bent over taking my fucking strap on! So stop fucking showeing yoru pictures on social media and such with your gaping asshole!

Next up is any sort of selfie while in the bathroom unless it is in the mirror and ONLY if your bathroom is fucking clean. This whole sitting on the T and showing your cock or pussy even though your not using it for its intended purpose it surely was not put there for you to think it is hot for someone to see you showing off your fucking junk while sitting on it….stop this NOW

Next up on my selfie rant is slobs…..clean the fucking room fo into a room that is clean and if you don’t have a clean room then fucking clean! I don’t want to see your dick or your asshole or your pussy or your tits with the filth you live in piled behind you. For that matter nobody on the internet wants to see that mess…..if you are a slob fine but no need to broadcast that to the world!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I can move on with my day….please be kind and don’t assault anyone’s eyes because in a horny moment you thought you looked hot and wanted to show the world because honestly aint nobody getting off on that!