Hey Hey Hey Everyone after the last 5 days off due to a house guest I am back at it again! I know you have missed me and was wondering when the fuck will she be back!? Well wonder no more I am officially back for the next 6 days!!!

I know you read 6 days and was like what the fuck your gonna be gone again? Yes and No so let me explain…I will have more house guests next week they arrive on Monday and leave on Friday BUTTTT I will be able to take calls here and there while they are here. Mind you I wont be online and such a ton or even on for calls a ton but I will be on here and there so you will have to mail me and look for when I log in. Of course I will post here and tweet when I am taking calls so you will have a heads up.

Now tell me what sort of kinky fun things have you all been up to in my absence? There better not have been any jerking off and cumming while I was away…. I mean I expect all of you to hold those loads when I am not around after all I control that cock and those cummies NOT you hehehehehe

I will be logging in for calls here shortly so keep an eye out and be sure to get your sweet ass on the phone and welcome me back and lets have some fun!