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I am enjoying listening to last nights Mistress and the Tramp show with Ms Hunter and Ms Erika ( who is filling in for the tramp) and it occurred to me some of you subscribe to the cock radio blog but for those of you who are not…didja know that you can listen to past episodes of your favorite shows?

Below are the links to all of the current podcast shows and once you visit the show page you can browse through past episodes and download them and enjoy them forever and ever!

Happy Hour with KayMarie

This weekly podcast is live every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern. Enjoy a break in your boring day with this sexy Mistress. Listen to past episodes here

Kink Korner with Me

Every Wednesday at 8 pm eastern you can spend an hour of crazy silly and yes even sexy fun with me. Listen to past episodes here

Mistress and the Tramp with Ms Hunter

Ms Hunter and her friend Maureen aka The Tramp do a live show every Thursday at 8 pm eastern Listen to past episodes here

The Wet Spot with Ms Andi

Every Thursday right after Ms Hunters show at 9 pm eastern you can enjoy a full hour of awesome with Andi. Listen to past episodes here

Whore School with Ms Harper

Every Sunday at 11pm eastern you can enjoy an hour of sexy education with Ms Harper. Listen to the past episodes here

The Mistresses of vox erotic

This is not a live show but you can find tons of sexy audios from many of the ladies of LDW Listen to audios here

There you have it all the sexy free podcast shows. If you want to tune in to the live shows while they are happening check out the cock radio schedule here and don’t forget during live shows the chat room is also open Join chat here