We interrupt our normally kinky and sexually related questions to ask you about Valentines day. As with all my 20 questions type blogs feel free to answer in comments or put them in an e-mail to me Constance@enchantrixempire.com

  1. Do you celebrate Valentines Day
  2. If you do not why not?
  3. What was the best Valentines gift you got
  4. If you are in a relationship do you expect sex on Valentines day
  5. Do you like to give gifts on Valentines day
  6. Have you ever cooked Valentines day dinner in the nude
  7. Have you ever eaten Valentines day dinner in the nude
  8. Have you ever had an epic fail that was Valentines day related?
  9. Who would your dream Valentines date be
  10. What would your dream Valentines day date be like
  11. Has anyone ever broken up with you on Valentines day
  12. If you could spend Valentines day with any Mistress of your choice but it meant you would be spanked endlessly would ya do it
  13. Do you have plans for this Valentines day
  14. Do your plans for today include an orgasm
  15. Have you ever bought Valentines day lingerie for someone
  16. Have you ever worn Valentines day lingerie
  17. Would you like to wear some Valentines day lingerie ( laughing)
  18. If you could only get one of the following as a gift for you Valentine which would it be & why Flowers/Candy
  19. Would you dress as cupid for a Valentines date
  20. Of course last but not least would you like to talk to me on Valentines day