So I bet you just read that title and your dick twitched. Well before you get too excited of course I wont make this easy for you! I am however going to allow you to follow my  directions and lets just see what happens.

Get naked now

Strip out of your clothes right now. Nothing on not a shirt not undies not socks….totally naked! If you are at work you can lock your office door or go to the bathroom get in a stall and strip down. If you are unable to get naked well you don’t get to touch….instead you have to wait till you can get naked!

Wet that dick

Now if you have lube use it if you don’t use whatever you have on had to wet that dick even if it is your own saliva! If you are unable to wet that dick then you cant touch…..remember you have to follow all my directions in order to have an orgasm!

Grab that cock

Now I want you to grab that cock use all your fingers and wrap them around and stroke it 700 times. Do not cum! If you have to stop at any point because you are about to cum you have to start over at 0!! Awww will this be impossible for you to do? Too Bad! Remember if you don’t follow my directions you don’t get to cum!

Humping time

Now after you have made it through the 700 strokes you are to now take that bare dick still firmly in your hand lay down on  your stomach and hump your fist! Do this for 20 minutes …Do Not Cum…..again if at anytime you have to stop because your about to cum you start over at 0!

Too hard?

Are these instructions too hard to follow and you feel you will only fail? Well perhaps I will be more generous on the phone hahahaha call me and lets see if you get to cum!

In Denial?

if you are locked in chastity or in any type of orgasm denial you may not cum regardless and of course if locked up not even allowed to touch hehehehe