So this is one of the topics either you dig it, or ya don’t…for those of you not into you can skip it or reply exactly how you feel. I am sure the answers will mostly be no’s, and that’s cool.

  1. Do you like cbt
  2. Do you enjoy it in person or only fantasy
  3. what do you think makes cbt so hot
  4. have you ever had someone drip hot wax on your balls as part of cbt pay/ did you enjoy it
  5. Have you ever been kicked in the balls
  6. do you get an erection thinking about someone squeezing those balls in their hand
  7. Do you enjoy ball slapping
  8. Do you enjoy cock slapping
  9. Have you ever cum during cbt play
  10. If you answered yes to #9 what made you shoot that load
  11. Do you like your cock and balls to be bound
  12. Do you use toys during cbt play
  13. What is your favorite toy or item to use for cbt play
  14. Do you prefer your cock or your balls to be abused during cbt or
  15. The first time you dabbled in cbt you thought??
  16. The last time you had some cbt fun how did you feel 3 hours later
  17. Have you ever over done it with cbt
  18. What about cbt if anything scares you
  19. Do you HAVE to have cbt to get off
  20. Would you like to have some cbt fun with me?

There you have it 20 cbt questions. As per usual if you would rather answer these privately, you can call me or mail me your answers to Also feel free to leave suggestions for more 20 questions blogs you would like to see in the future

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