well it has been a few days since I asked you all any questions so I thought what better topic for a Friday than Cum Eating! As per usual feel free to leave your answers in my comments section or send them to me via mail Constance@EnchantrixEmpire.com

  1. Do you eat your own cum
  2. If you answered NO to the one above why?
  3. Have you ever considered eating your own cum
  4. What about cum eating turns you on or off
  5. Have you ever eaten your cum off another person
  6. have you ever eaten your cum off of an object
  7. Have you ever eaten your cum with any food items
  8. The first time you ate your cum you thought?
  9. What is the taste of your cum like
  10. Were you ever made to eat your own cum
  11. If you were not told to eat your own cum would you do it on your own
  12. If you were only allowed to orgasm by agreeing to eat your own cum would you do it
  13. Have you ever eaten your own cum from a pussy
  14. If you answered yes to the one above how did you like it
  15. If you answered no to 13 would you like to try it some day
  16. For those of you on the fence about cum eating what do you think will push you over the edge
  17. If a woman or even a man swallowed your cum don’t  you think it is only right you also swallow it
  18. Have you ever had someone kiss you with your cum in their mouth ya know a snow ball?
  19. What do you think about cum eating in general
  20. Would you like to eat your cum for me during a session?

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