So I  had a very awesome session with Kevin ( said I could use his name) the other day and we discussed some trigger words. Many of you have them even if you don’t realize they re trigger words. Kevin had a powerful orgasmic reaction to me using some very specific trigger words and I found it fun, hot, and interesting so I thought I would share a bit about the topic

What is a Trigger Word?

First let me say it does not have to be just one word it could be a string of words. A trigger word is something when said that makes your cock throb and ache. It all depends what you are into and what you enjoy as to what exactly your trigger words might be.

Kevin’s Trigger Words

His word was “masturbation.”  Well, not only masturbation but also its synonyms.  So, I went to “Power Thesaurus” and tortured him without mercy.  I had to laugh at how responsive and vulnerable he was.  Poor fellow: I called him a “jerk off” and he had to slow down his hand pussy.  I laid it on him good, using his trigger to torture him good.  I told him to masturbate, to play with himself, to beat off, to self-stimulate, to fuck himself (he really liked that one), to love himself, to engage in solo sex, to self-gratify, and so on.  I called him a little wanker, a happy onanist, and an expert at rubbing one out.  When I said that he should be in the Masturbation Hall of Fame, he lost it, giving himself a toe-curling and screaming orgasm.  I told him he should be proud of himself . . . and, of course, give himself a hand!  LOL.

Some Other Trigger Words

Some of you are into hearing me say “NO” and others love it when I say the word “Fuck” of course there are those that love for me to call you her, she or a girl. Those words I use are powerful to you all and I love when I hit on a word that makes you moan and groan. When I hear your reaction I know right away I hit on a trigger word and I like to work it for all it is worth!

What are Your Trigger Words?

So share with me what are some of the words that trigger your desires and make you super horny or even ready to cum? Don’t be shy we all have them so why not share them.

trigger words