Hi, all, hope the winter weather is not bringing you all down too much…Here in Florida, we have had one heck of a cold snap ourselves but thankfully it is passing and the sun is back to shining. I know you don’t care about the weather so let me just say my title said it all. I have seen what I think is the smallest chastity device ever! Not only have I seen it but I have now locked that tiny little clit up in the new cage!

New Year New Device

Since it is a New Year princess my sissy cuckold bought a new smaller device to help further her emasculation and shrink that clit even smaller than we already have! Nothing says sissy cuckold slut like the smallest chastity device around! I mean honestly, the people at mature metal told the slut this is the smallest they can make!

New Chastity Device and New Focus

With the new device on the slut has a renewed focus on being even more submissive and even sluttier this year. First of all, lock up will be the entire year no releases no ruined orgasms nothing. The only way this slut can get any relief is to perfect her anal skills and hope for an anal orgasm! There are also several things she is going to focus on this year.

Panties and cami 300 days of the year
Practice voice 10x daily every day with sissy mantra to perfect her feminine voice
Outfit pictures: she has to take pictures of all her outfits so I choose what she wears and when
Perfect oral and anal skills….2x week
She will need my approval for all slut purchases
Plan sissy outing fully dressed
Mani-pedi in 2018…Mistress chooses the color
SHAVE EVERYTHING all winter and colder months
Sissy reading glasses
Summer beach trip in speedo

This should keep my sissy cuckold slut focused and, of course, the itty bitty chastity device should certainly help keep her from having any manly thoughts and focus on being submissive and feminine for me…………………Ohh, this year is gonna be AWESOME!

micro chastity device