Yes, here I am again asking questions! This has turned into a fun thing for me so why not keep it going. You all seem to be enjoying these posts as well so fuck it. If you have any suggestions as to what the next 20 questions topic should be, leave it in with your answers here in the comments section of this blog or send them to me.

  1.  When was the last time you had an orgasm
  2.  Were you satisfied with your last orgasm
  3.  What did you do with your cum from your last orgasm
  4.  Did you use any masturbation aides for this orgasm such as porn or erotica or phone sex?
  5.  The most intense orgasm you ever had was…
  6.  If you could orgasm in front of anyone famous person who would they be
  7. Have you ever been interrupted while in the middle of having an orgasm
  8. What was the quickest orgasm you ever had ( 10 seconds or 1 minute)
  9. What was the longest amount of time it has taken you to orgasm
  10. Have you ever had an orgasm in a strange place (church…court that sorta thing)
  11. What is the longest amount of time you have gone without an orgasm
  12. Have you ever had multiple orgasms in one day if so how many
  13. Do you make any noise when you orgasm alone or with a partner
  14. Have you ever had an orgasm because your partner was having one ( meaning you couldn’t hold out)
  15. Do you know what orgasm control is
  16. What if anything scares you about orgasm control
  17. Have you ever asked to be denied an orgasm
  18. How many orgasms have you had in 2018 so far
  19. Would you like to have more or fewer orgasms in 2018
  20. Of course my usual last question…would you like to orgasm for me

So there you have it 20 orgasm questions…as always, please feel free to leave your answers in the comment section. If you are too shy email them to me and as I said in the opening of this blog if you have any topics for questions you would like to see, please share.

Orgasm Mistress Constance