So recently a horny denied locked up slut mailed mad and mentioned how when I was away, he was unlocked and his desire to be femme or sissy had gone away….he said he believes he is a situational sissy and I thought hmmm what a great blog topic.

Situational Sissy Explained

Now I am sure there are many different opinions about what makes someone a situational sissy or just what it is. I will share my thoughts as to what I think they are. A situational sissy is only a sissy when in an extreme state of arousal. This could be from chastity or denial or any other thing that makes them super horny. A situational sissy has no desire to be dressed en femme outside of those extreme needy horny moments.

A Sissy All the Time

Now as you have read here on my blog a sissy is someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes of being feminine and girlie. Every chance they get they are slipping into something sexy and slutty. Your desire to be feminine and do slutty things like suck cock are not conditional on your level of arousal, in fact, thinking about doing those things is what arouses you.

You Can’t Be Fem All the Time

Just because you can’t wear your sissy panties and lingerie all the time does not make you a situational sissy. As long as the desire to want to be in them and experience the world as a sissy is there all the time you are a true blue sissy. If your desire to be sissy only happens when you are extremely turned on, then you might just be a situational sissy.

Which Sissy Type Are You?

So share with me are you a situational type of sissy or a true blue sissy through and through?

situational sissy