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So I have asked a long time caller of mine to share what he has been up to the last few weeks. Below you will read his account of what’s been happening along with some comments from me. You should all know this panty wearing pansy came to me years ago as just another horny stroker boy. Of course, over the years we have expanded his stroker play into other kinky areas. I knew all along he wanted what he is sharing below and couldn’t be more thrilled about what is happening now….enjoy!

Just two weeks ago I had my first sexytexting session with Ms. Constance and this is where my admissions to her changed our relationship.

On this day I shared with her openly about some recent erotic stories that I had been reading about coerced sissification and how aroused they had left me. Ms. Constance and I have done many phone sex sessions over several years and she recognized my horniness as an opportunity to have me expand on all the slutty thoughts and my willingness to explore further.

I told him I was going to turn him into sissy putty and that I knew just what he needed and of course I was not wrong at all hehehe.

She asked if I still had the panties we had played with recently on a guided masturbation session and if so I should wear them for our phone session scheduled for the next day. I continued to share more details such as my desire to eat cum.  Ms. Constance laughed and told me that I would become “sissy putty” in her hands and that I shouldn’t worry because she loves showing men who believe they are masculine how to become pansy sissy boys.

Nothing is hotter than breaking down a macho man and turning him into a panty wearing pansy. They can fight it all they want, but man, I have a way with these types and of course, old wessy knew it!

Recently she has helped me fill my mind with mushy sissy thoughts such as wet panties and cum drenched breast. All the while explaining to me that it’s not my cum I should think is unloading in those beautiful titties because we do not allow me to cum. She has been gracious enough to edge but only by using my open palm to rub myself.  I’m absolutely not allowed to jerk or stroke any longer and of course, I must lick any pre-cum off my finger.

In the past two weeks, we have been spending more time on the phone and Ms. Constance has helped me realize even though I do not have a small cock it’s still not appealing to females because I’m a premature ejaculator. All these years of thinking I was special due to the size of my penis, in reality, it was a great disappointment to any female that I may have conned into fucking me. With Ms. Constance’s help, we have concluded that this is why I likely feel a desire to become a panty wearing pansy who eats cum as a means of servitude for leaving my partners unsatisfied.

Having a big dick is only part of pleasing a woman…being able to last longer than a minute or two is the other part. As you can see by this pansy’s confession he only had part of what a woman needs to be satisfied

Ms. Constance had also allowed me to share my true desires to be exposed as a sissy slut because of the mindfuck I feel from coming out of hiding.

Oh, and to expand on what he sa…..I made him confess to all the Mistresses who he leaves comments on their blogs just who he is…he thought he would be slick and use diff names for comments but now they all know!

I’m looking forward to continuing my training and self-realizations with Ms. Constance as my guide…

I am so looking forward to the New Year and lots of panty boy pansy fun!!!