So recently I had my sissy slut cuckold buy a new bigger dildo to fuck that sissy ass with. I figured if this slut wanted to be fucked by men I would fuck that it was time to increase the size of their dildo. Of course, this slut ran out and bought a nice 8-inch cock….now we need to name it.

Do you name your sex toys?

I have a sissy who has a butt plug that is so huge we named it Big Red…..have you ever named any of your sex toys? If you have what sort of names did you use and why?

We need a strong name

Since this new bigger cock represents his submission to real men, I want to name it a strong, demanding type name. I want to hear your ideas on what the name should be. Something that if we say the name, it will instantly make this sissy slut feel submissive and in her proper cock worshiping place.

Thinking about an upgrade in your toys?

So since this blog is basically about upgrading a toy and naming it, I want to know if you are thinking about an upgrade in your sex toys? Have you ever gone crazy and gotten something too huge (cough cough chrissy cough) and then been like holy fuck balls I can take that! Get with me before you upgrade, and we will find the perfect sex toy for your needs.

Let the naming begin

Now here is your chance weigh in and share in the comments on this blog what you think this new BIG cock should be named. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!