Hey there, everyone. I hope you’re all having an awesome holiday season and enjoying some holiday cheer and fun! As I mentioned on last weeks Kink Korner I will be doing an end of the year Kink Korner wrap up show tomorrow night at 8 pm on Cock Radio.

What I Will Be Wrapping Up

Well, I thought it would be fun to go over the past year in┬áKink Korner history by naming the titles of the shows. I want to see if I can recall anything we did, hahaha, but I probably won’t! So I will be relying on all of my fans and listeners to help fill in some of the blanks!

Share Your Memories

I want all of my fans and regular listeners to either send me a memory they enjoyed from the past year or share it during the live chat happening during my show. I know there have been some seriously funny things that have happened and lots of laughter shared, so I am looking forward to your memories.

Happy New Year

Yes, I am a tad early in this wish but it goes along with my show’s theme. We are wrapping up 2017 on Kink Korner and the next time we hang out for my show it will be a new year. I want to wish all of you who attend, those who listen, and those who don’t give a fuck a happy, safe, and amazing New Year! I am looking forward to spending more Kink Korner time with all of you in the new year so let’s plan on lots of fun!