So many of you know I love orgasm denial and keeping your balls blue. I also enjoy having control and sometimes my control can lead to a coerced orgasm.

Playtime with Pet

I had an amazing session with my sweet blue balled pet the other day that involved some cbt and wax dripping, as well as stroking. Oh, the moans he makes when under my control. From the spanking of that cock head to the giggles of pain/pleasure when he drips hot wax on my balls. I always have a fantastic time with him and typically our calls end in his denial!

I Was Feeling Wicked

So the call was going as planned with me having him moan and stroke. Not allowing him to cum as usual and him having to stop touching so he wouldn’t cum. I did this over and over again till he got to the point where just the mention of more was enough to make him want to cum…but he knows he can’t so it is a bit of a fun game I like to play. Pushing him to his limits and such is always a blast and he is such a good pet that he follows every direction.

Coerced Orgasm Time

I kept pushing him and towards the end, I told him I wanted that cum…..he started to object until I said you heard me, I want it; give it to me NOW and you cant stop. Of course, he complied and gave his Queen just what she wanted. I know he felt a little bummed he came but really, and this goes for all of you, even if being denied for me is what makes things so hot for you….the ultimate is if you are MINE (those of you who are know what this means) it means I get what I want, even if it is not exactly what you want. Hehehehehe, thank you my sweet pet for making your queen so happy.

coerced orgasm Mistress Constance