So today I have sluts on the brain, and I started thinking about the many many types of sluts that I talk to, so I thought I would define the many types of sluts there are in my world. I think many of you will find you are indeed a slut in some way somehow.

Sissy Slut

A sissy slut is someone who not only enjoys being feminized and a sissy but a slutty sissy. Dressing to attract attention. Willing to put out for whoever while in sissy slut mode.

Cock Sucking Slut

Does this one need any explanation? A Cock sucking slut is someone who not only enjoys sucking cock but spends any chance they can get sucking cock. A cock sucking slut thinks about cock in their moth 24-7.  Also, a cock sucking slut will suck any cock anywhere. They simply must have the cock!

Pain Slut

Oh, this is a good one. Pain sluts are those of you who enjoy pain. Not just any pain but cock /ball busting pain….nipple pain and any pain you can do in a sexual way. Mmmm you like to suffer for your Mistress and get off on her enjoying the pain you are in.

Spanking Slut

Yes, this can be classed with the pain sluts, but this one deserves a spot of its own. Spanking sluts enjoy being spanked and in fact, they may even disobey and act like an asshole just to get spanked! They can range from mild spank sluts to ouch you broke the skin fuck ya give me more spank sluts.

Stroker Slut

Ya, you know who you are. A stroker slut is a guy who just can’t stop stroking. You rush home from work to stroke…sometimes you do it on the way home because you’re such a slut you cant wait! You spend your time off work stroking while others look forward to sleeping in on the weekend. A stroker slut is more likely to look forward to stroking and staying up all night!

Cum Slut

Oh, you know who you are and so do I hahahaha! A cum slut is someone who can’t get enough of guzzling that cum. From eating your own cum to wanting to eat others hot sticky loads of cum, cum sluts like to gargle cum, blow bubbles with cum and do all sorts of naughty things with cum!

I could go on about the types of sluts I speak too but this is a great selection of them, and man do I talk to a lot of horny sluts! I truly am one lucky fucking woman!!! Please keep in mind…..I love sluts! Never change!