So today lets discuss what happens when you call or reach out to me for a session, and it is one of those rare things I am not into.  This happens from time to time, but thankfully I am into so much that it is rare for me to say I’m not into it.

Why am I not into your kink?

There may be many reasons why I don’t do sessions on things you enjoy. Most of the time, if it is something that I don’t feel I can give you a great call on, I won’t do it. I never want someone to walk away from a session with me and say ya that sucked. So I would rather just not do it than wing it. On a rare occasion, it is because it goes against my nature to discuss such things in a sexual way.

Do I think you’re gross?

Nope, not at all. In fact, I don’t judge anyone for their kinks. I wouldn’t want you to judge me for mine, so I don’t judge you for yours. When I turn down a session because I am not into it……that’s simply all there is to it I don’t think eww how could he get off on that! It also doesn’t mean if you want a different type of session, say, one I love, that I won’t talk to you because you once asked for something I won’t do.

What if you are on the call with me?

Now let’s say I am on a call with you and you ask for something I won’t do/don’t enjoy. Well, I will express my feelings to you and let you know I am not into that. I will give you some suggestions on how we can move forward in a way I enjoy, and if that does not work for you, I will have you go back to dispatch to find someone who is into it. Of course, you won’t be charged for the few minutes you are on with me.

Will I change my mind?

On many occasions, I have been approached for a type of session I am not into, and I turn them down. I know this is disappointing for you and for that I am sorry. Honestly though would you want me to fake it with you just to make you happy? Even if you answered yes to that, I wouldn’t change my mind. I refuse to fake anything. There is always the off chance I may change my mind after some time. I am always changing and evolving my likes and such so who knows what I don’t enjoy today may be something in a year I love and want more of.

Not sure if I am into it?

Well, that’s simple. Reach out to me before a session, and I will be honest and let you know. If you cant, reach out before and call me instead, just let me know right away what you are into and I will let you know if I am into it.