So here we are the last day of September and ready to head into the cooler months for many, and of course Locktober! As my title states, chastity + October = Locktober and here is your chance to be cock locked by Constance.

Have You Ever Tried Chastity?

If you are one of those guys who’ve been on the fence about trying chastity for the first time now is your chance. Remember no matter what other chastity pets do not one size/time limit fits all. Do not be afraid or worried that if I lock that cock up you won’t ever get out. So why not try it for a day or week and see how you like it.

Negotiate terms of chastity

As with all things kink, you should negotiate your terms. This is especially important for you newbies to chastity, you don’t need to jump in and go for a month. Think about it think about what you can handle and even if you insist on a long lock-up maybe ask for a back door out. Perhaps arrange with you chastity Mistress that if it gets too tough or what have you that you can get unlocked…of course she may require you to do something for it from as simple as begging to perhaps a gift who knows.

Locktober Can Be So Much Fun

Think about the possibilities of being locked in chastity in Locktober… can brag about participating. You can experience total orgasm denial and the benefits you can get from it. You can impress your Mistress and show her your total devotion….oh, the list goes on! One thing is for sure, Locktober is going to be a blast for me because I love chastity!

Not Sure It Is for You?

Hey, if you’re not sure and have some questions, I encourage you to reach out to me or anyone you may be interested in having be¬†your keyholder. Don’t just think we are all just ruthless and it is the lock or hit the bricks…reach out, discuss your fears and perhaps you might just get over it and enjoy it.

chastity for locktober