So you all wanted to hear more about my sex life. So I am going to share with you some of the sex positions I enjoy the most when with a lover. Please keep in mind if you don’t have a big dick no matter what the position I won’t enjoy it hahaha after all I am a size queen.

Missionary style

Now some of you may be like what? Constance likes it just plain old her on her back and man on top….yup I sure do! I like to look at my lovers when they are fucking me, and this position is perfect for that. Now with that said I don’t do it this way very often at the moment.

from behind

Yes I enjoy it I won’t say the name of it, but “D” style is very fucking hot especially when the guy who is fucking me reaches around and rubs my clit! Also, deep penetration makes me a happy woman!


Yup imagine that I like to be on top as well but not if I am tired! This position requires a lot of work on my end, but again I can look at my lover. Feel his hands on my ass, and I decide depth and pace which is just how I like it!

Reverse cowgirl

Yee haaaa fucking A I love this style! Again if I am tired fuck that! But this one is fucking hot again me in total control of pace and depth. Oh, and let’s not forget he gets to look at my sexy ass while fucking me!

legs over shoulders

Oh yes, this one I enjoy because I can get deeply dicked while seeing him fucking me as well as look at him! his is a great position when I am not in the mood to do much work hahaha I am a lazy fucker sometimes.

Standing up against the wall

Hands down this is the most fucking fun ( if the guy can handle it) You must have a big dick and be in great shape for this one boys. The reason I like this so much is the passion involved. Every time I have had a man lift me into his arms push me against the wall and fuck me like this has been passionate and fucking awesome!


sex position