So unless you have been living under a rock you should know today we will have a total solar eclipse. I do not plan to spend much time checking it out myself perhaps during the full coverage I will check it out. But what I will be doing is taking phone sex calls lucky YOU!

Jerk off during the eclipse

Let’s see if something happens while you’re jerking off during the eclipse. Maybe you will grow bigger for a few minutes, or perhaps maybe you will feel a more intense sensation while stroking. The only way to find out is by doing a session during the eclipse.

Will there be flooding

Ya know at high tide sometimes when water is high there is flooding….well maybe there will be some flooding of cum coming from that cock if you are on the phone during the eclipse. I may MAY decide to let those denied boys with the exception of a few have an orgasm! I am curious if cumming during an eclipse is more intense and produces more cum than usual….the only way to find out is doing a session.

Try something new perhaps

Maybe it is time to take this rare chance during the eclipse to try something new. Maybe anal for the first time? Or perhaps putting on women’s panties for the first time? Oh or maybe even eating your cum load for the first time! Let’s make this a day to remember not just because of the eclipse but because it was the time you tried something new for the first time!

Safest place to be

During the eclipse is with me on the phone. Don’t take your chances on eclipse glasses that may not be NASA approved. Don’t risk looking at the sun instead spend time with me in the safety of your home/office on the phone with your dick in your hand. Trust me no chance of you going blind doing that….at least not permanently hahahahaha.