I know many of you guys like to think that penis size does not matter but I am here to tell you that it most certainly does matter. For a size queen like myself no small penis will do. I don’t care if it makes little dicked men upset but fact is penis size matters!

Why penis size matters

It is super simple for me and I cant claim to speak for all women but most of the women I know feel the way I do. If your dick cant stretch me and fill me nothing you do during sex will make me happy. No amount of motion in the ocean can please a woman who loves big cocks.

I am not the only size queen

I am not even talking about other women when I say I am not the only size queen. I am talking about sissy girls and cuckold sluts. They all love big dicks just like me and even for them penis size matters. I always find it amusing when a sissy or cuckold brings up huge dicks because I think awww just like me they get it!

No brainer about cock size

This is a no brainer when it comes to cock size, would I rather a 4 inch fully erect dick or an 8 inch one? Umm hello no brainer. For those of you who still don’t believe me when I say penis size matters lets put it in a way you can grasp. Would you prefer 4 dollars over 4oo? Hell naw! Would you like to have a 1oz steak over a 10 oz steak? Hell Naw! Would you prefer the score of the game to be 7 or 21? See bigger is better in most things!

Is your cock too small?

Have you always felt like your cock was too small? Well if you have felt that way than you are probably right your dick is too small. If women have said it is fine and you know damn well it isn’t stop kidding yourself. I am not saying your not worthy or loveable I am saying for me and people like me. Penis size matters and we would prefer a bigger dick than a little one.

Penis size matters