So today we will discuss cum eating men and those who have not only embraced eating their cum but now are simply addicted to eating it! Now this will go for guys who suck dick and guys who just jerk off and eat that cum.

Once you tried cum eating

You are like others you were like eat my own cum no fucking way! Then you met someone who introduced you to it. You still didn’t love it but you did it because it was kinky and naughty. Once you got over the initial eww part of cum eating you were wanting to do it again and again.

Practice for cock sucking

Now there are some of you out there who want to be cock suckers. As practice for your goal of sucking a real cock you have to be trained to be a cum eating lover. So you start with just a taste of your own cum and end up with a whole shot glass full. Don’t be ashamed about it more gobble that goo than you can even imagine

it is just fun and kinky

Now not everyone who eats their cum wants to suck cock. Some of you cum eating lovers just want to swallow your own load of cum because you love it. In fact some of you need it… simply feel like something is missing when you have an orgasm and don’t eat that cum.

cum eating sluts

You are the ones who cant get enough. You suck cock for loads of cum to eat. You are a chronic masturbator just so you can get that load down your throat. Oh and some of you even save up loads of cum to swallow. You my cum eating sluts are so much fun and I will never do anything but encourage you to eat that jizz!


cum eating