I know your reading chastity challenge and cum in the same line and thinking is this really Constance? hahaha well it is but read further to find out how you get to cum with this chastity challenge

Chastity the mind fuck

So we all know being locked in chastity is a struggle and being denied for extended periods of time creates a bit of a mind fuck for some of you. The desire to cum is there yet the desire to please your chastity keyholder is powerful. Do you cum and be selfish or do you stay locked up and deny yourself the much needed orgasm. This is just one of the mind fucks there are a few hehehe

Chastity changes you physically

We also all know that chastity has some changes to your genitals that are very noticeable. Swollen cum filled blue balls while in chastity is very common. I have mentioned this next thing several times here but chastity causes shrinkage. It has been proven time and time again the longer a man is locked in chastity the smaller his penis gets.

Chastity Challenge

Now to the challenge. I am going to let you cum when I unlock you from chastity but ONLY if you are the same size as you were when you got locked up! So right before lock up we will measure that cock…….then lock you the fuck up. I will keep you locked up for as long as we both choose. Once the time comes to unlock we will measure you once again and only IF you have not shrunk will you get to cum! HAHAHAHAHA wicked huh especially since I mentioned above it has been proven that chastity does cause shrinkage.

Can you handle it

Knowing that chastity is hard and a bit of a mind fuck are you ready for this chastity challenge? Do you want to test out the theory of shrinkage? For me it is a win win….you get locked in chastity and stay that way and I get to see your face when you measure yourself after lock up and realize you have shrunk. If you happen to do the chastity challenge and don’t shrink well you deserve a fucking orgasm!

chastity challenge