So I asked my princess cuckold to write about the new thing we have been doing…which by the title you can see is spankings. You can read from his own words how this has become a part of his life and how his submission to me has grown.

I have found our path and growth through the years to be fascinating and it goes to show everyone….anything is possible…with an open mind and trust you can explore things you NEVER imagined you would with your Mistress. Letting go trusting and following can be so very rewarding. Of course the trust was built over time and these things cant happen over night…oh but when they do they are amazing.

I am fortunate enough to have several trusting submissive men who give over full control to me and follow my lead and to them I say Thank You because without your trust in me we wouldn’t have what we have… no further delay here is what princess cuckie wrote….

Over time I have learned to accept greater levels of submission in service to Mistress Constance. I’ve come to crave greater losses of control at the hands (and feet) of my Goddess. But In the past few months I have experienced a form of control, NEW to me, that I had never known before……Spankings and physical discipline.
Years ago, I began as a simple cuckold, Over time, Mistress Constance has expanded my duties to include requiring I eat my own cum, to being collared, to fluffing and fucking realistic dildos, to denial, to being locked in a metal chastity cage 24/7, to wearing girlie panties daily, to dressing in full sissy attire including 6 inch heels, to being shown off to Her friends as a slave…. Even to having a female tattoo artist permanently mark my ass as owned….. with my Mistress’s initial!
BUT…. If you had asked me years ago, while I would have admitted to being submissive, I’d have said “I’m not into any pain”. In truth, I still don’t ‘enjoy’ pain per se, or find pain sexually enjoyable even now. However, there is something wildly erotic about being bent over and spanked! Nothing makes me feel more helpless and owned than being ordered to bend over a stool …to have my skirt lifted and panties pulled down….and then….. feeling the wrath of my Mistress as she reddens my cheeks with blow after blow of a hairbrush, paddle, wooden spoon or crop!
As I receive Her Discipline, I’m required to thank Her for taking the time to correct my behavior and remind me of my place. Usually I must thank her after each blow…… as I choke back the tears! On top of that, She always makes me repeat a “mantra of the day” after each spank. I must repeatedly say things like “ I am not a real man” or “I am a sissy slut” or “ I have a worthless clitty and I’m not worthy of pussy”. This is even more effective and humiliating when She disciplines in front of Her Mistress friends! Which is Her right to do Anytime, Anyplace and in front of Anyone!!!
 I must say…… receiving FIRM discipline has made a better slave. Any time I think of myself as anything more than a sissy slave, all I need do is recall past spankings…..or await the next time my Goddess wants to redden my cheeks……….and I revert to being a humble and happy slave! “Thank you Goddess….may I have another?”