Oh boy did I have fun on Friday! I had a marathon call with my pet we did one hour filled with wet messy sploshing fun and the second hour was total edging and cock control play!

Let the messy begin

My pet was wearing a pair of pantyhose for this wet messy call and it added a fun if not TIGHT new level to our play. He brought a variety of items for me to make a total mess of him with and we used every fucking last thing! The best and new addition to this sploshing fun was baked means talk about wet and messy and all thanks to the sploshing queen Ms Brighton she inspired this choice.

Head to toe wet messy sploshing fun

yes by the end of our first hour my pet had used the beans the cake the pudding the pies and from head to toe was on wet and messy hot fucking mess and I loved every second of it. from the bulge from the beans in his pantyhose to the squishing sounds I made him make while plopping up and down in his chair hahahaha wow was that fucking funny!

Clean up and edging

After the first hour we took a short break from the phone so my pet could get all cleaned up because well honestly he had cake in his ass from the sploshing fun and well that’s distracting for a horny stroker hahahha. Once he got cleaned up the cock edging and stroking began. Almost at the end of our second hour I had him begging to cum finally……..and after the wet messy sploshing fun we had he deserved it so he got to explode!

Good times

I love to make a mess of pets and a good time was had by all…so if you have ever thought incorporating some food play into your call hit me up I am totally down! Big shout out to the wet messy sploshing pet Way to go!! So Pleased!

wet messy sploshing fun