Dripping of that hot wax onto a set of tied up balls makes me happy and apparently it makes my pet giggle and laugh, which of course, makes me laugh! I have said this before but I have never met a pain slut who giggled when being put through the paces.

I am there

We love to play with hot wax on the phone and what he is really doing is imagining me being the one doing the dripping. I control the drips for how long and how many. I coat those balls with hot wax and them tell him when to break it all up and reapply it. His pain and love of dripping is so much fun to direct and control!

Bringing in another Mistress

Recently during the special I did with Ms. Alyssa, I had the chance to show of my cbt hot wax pet. Not only did she get to sit back and enjoy his submission to me, she also got to hear first hand what it was like when he dripped dripped dripped. Oh how she enjoyed his giggles and even telling me after she had never heard such a thing like a pain slut who giggles when hot was is being dripped hehehehe.

Drip drip drip that hot wax

My pet can do this the entire call. In fact, he even lets out a sad little whimper when I have him stop. Awww, poor pet wants more pain, more drip drip drip. Of course, it lights me up and I allow him to do so. I have to be careful because it is not something you can just do alone if you get lost in the pain. So don’t try this at home unless you know what you are doing and have a Mistress supervising or someone watching over you!

More dripping

Now I am looking forward to locking that cock in chastity and making that dick drip along with the wax! I can hear the giggles and the ow’s now! So be prepared, pet. When the cage comes in, you are being locked up……and the candle will be lit and oohhhhh, the giggling will begin! I can’t wait!

hot wax