I am sure if you are a fan of my blog than you are well aware of the fact that we have our own adult podcast site, Cock Radio. If you didn’t know this, guess what now you do! Not only are there live shows weekly, but there is also a show dedicated to erotic audios for you to listen and download.

Where to find shows

Well if your wondering what the podcast schedule is, you can find it right here on our cock radio blog. There you will see which Mistress has a show and when. Do keep in mind that all the shows have a live chat happening during them, so be sure to check that out as well.

You can download past shows

Yes, you can even download past shows. If you were unable to tune into your favorite Mistresses show, all you have to do is go to our podcast page site and look for her show. Check out the podcast site here. Once there, click on the show tab to find the show or shows you wish to listen/download.

Tons of Free erotic audios

Yes, as I mentioned we also have a show dedicated to erotic audios for you to listen to. There are many audios and Mistresses to choose from and every single one is free. Check out the erotic audios here under the show title The Mistresses of Vox Erotic.

Join me Every Wednesday

Now, it just so happens that I have a show on cock radio every Wednesday night at 8 pm eastern. Kink Korner is the name. I don’t really have a topic for my shows, but we always have a lot of laughs and tons of fun! Make time to spend an hour with me and come hang out in chat where, well, there is all sorts of crazy happening!

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