So I was sharing some e-mails with my sissy cuckold about his tiny situation a couple weeks ago. He was talking about how sorry he was about his penis being so small. So we came up with an idea for him to write an apology. A small penis apology that is, to all the women he has ever shown his penis to or had any sort of sexual interaction with

Years of pretending to be a real man

He apologized for ever pretending to be a real man that could satisfy a woman. He knew then he was not a stud with a large cock but he still tried to get into women’s panties. Ha that’s funny because now his small penis is in panties every day! He Apologized for having a large body with such a small penis (clitty) actually. Ladies I am sure you can relate a tall man good looking and thinking hmmm lets give him a chance only to find out the cock does not match the body type!

Small penis cant satisfy any woman

He also apologized for his small penis being inadequate to give a woman what she deserves, which is an amazing orgasm. He understands now that all those years of trying to please his sexual partners just were futile and silly. He apologized for thinking he was worthy of cumming even though he never truly made any woman come with his tiny dick.

Making amends for years of being inadequate

As a way for this sissy cuckold to make amends to all those women he has committed himself to the following things. He will never attempt to put hit tiny penis inside of a pussy again. He has committed to being locked in chastity and has given up his right to cum like real men do whenever they want. He will wear as much feminine attire as he can, when he can so that anyone looking at him would know his sissy cuckold tiny penis place.

small penis

Enjoy the following audio recording of me reading his apology that he sent me