So today I woke up with the song “Sit on my face and tell me that you love me” stuck in my head and of course that led to many naughty morning thoughts along with the topic of queening. How many of you know that term and how many have enjoyed a bit of queening fun.

What is queening

Well basically it is face sitting yes my pussy on your face you worshiping it and taking care of my needs. It can also be me just simply sitting on your face and you just laying under me….oh I just got a picture in my head! Queening can be used  for cream pie eating and is so much fun to do. Do remember thought that queening can be done with or without clothes…I kinda like the ides of wearing panties while sitting on your face so you don’t get direct contact with my sweet pussy hehehe!

Can you imagine me on your face

Picture this me in those sexy sunshine yellow panties I am so well known for and hovering right above your face. Imagine the heat from my pussy as I push closer to that mouth and then imagine the sweet aroma you will get to inhale as I press my panty covered pussy down on those lips. I can hear your moans of frustration now when I say Don’t even thing about tasting me pet just feel the pressure of my pussy on your face and enjoy.

Queening stool

Have you seen these? Well they come in all types of materials and different styles and one I have used is where there is a little I say hammock spot for your head to rest on so picture this….you on you back …your head on the hammock part facing up and my sweet pussy right at that face. Now  you can use that tongue to lap lick and worship my pussy. I can totally see some of you right now in my mind just in heaven lapping away hehehehe

queening Mistress Constance