I am a self proclaimed panty pervert I have said this many times and I am proud of my love of panties. Yes my panty collection has grown over the years and has gotten a bit out of hand but the fact remains I love panties of all types and I don’t just love them on me I love them on guys too!

Panty Pervert is not a bad thing

I know you hear the word pervert and you think hey I am not that!!! I am using pervert in a great way I know how can a word that means disturbing or unacceptable be used in a good way? Well In my world it can fuck I am the biggest pervert out there and I embrace you all to claim your pervert status especially when it comes to panties and your love for them!

Penis in panties

Now I love men in panties lord knows I do! Hell many of you reading this are probably in pretty panties for me right now! One thing I wish was that panties were better equipped to hold a penis…ya ya ya I know they are not made for men but come on enough men wear panties they ought to make like a unisex version and not just online and expensive I mean every store should sell them. With that said nothing is cuter then a bulge or lack of bulge in panties or the outline of a chastity device or even in the case of some slutty sissy girls a BIG wet spot!

Panty perverts show yourself

So here I leave this blog with these words…..show yourself panty perverts stand up and stand proud hold your panties up high or rub them down low but let the world know I am a panty Pervert and I am proud of it!!! Okay so maybe not the world world but how about this kink world hehehehe.


This is not a client just some random fellow panty pervert pic I found on wikki