Today we are talking about pretty feet and the men who love them…..ya that’s YOU I see you getting stiff reading this and hey I encourage you to enjoy my sexy feet. What I would really like to know is have you ever had a foot job?

Foot Jobs are fun

I have given more than a few foot jobs in my life and I always find them fun, they are typically done in a very public place like under a table and such. Nothing is hotter than slipping my foot up between a guys leg and feeling his cock grow and pulse underneath me, of course he is also turning many shades of red and trying to keep his composure as I do this and you all know how much I like to make a man squirm.

Stockings or No for a foot job?

Now when it comes to getting a foot job do you like bare feet or stockings? I personally like them both there are hot aspects to both for instances…..bare feet I get to feel the flesh of that dick on the ball of my foot and tips of my toes….yes with stockings on my feet I can glide them up and down and it creates a sexy hot sensation with that silky soft stocking covered foot.

do you love feet?

I know some of you love sexy feet and some are like it does nothing for me. No matter why you’re a man who loves feet I say embrace it enjoy it from sexy hot explosive foot jobs….to gentle taps of toes on those balls ( and for some not so gentle) to a full on foot job making you explode all over my pretty toes. Say it loud say it proud I love women’s sexy feet and I love foot jobs!!

foot job fun