Yesterday when answering my ask Mistress post, someone sent in a great question about what I think about his foot fetish and if I judged him or thought odd of him for having a foot fetish. I explained that I never judge anyone no matter what their kink is, but thought, let me talk about pretty feet and the men who love them.

When did you first realize you liked pretty feet

I am not big in analyzing our kinks or fetish likes to find out where they came from or why we might have them. I do, however, like to know when a man first realizes he is into or turned on by things. So for all you foot fetish lovers out there, when was the first time your realized that a sexy pair of feet made you horny?

What do you like feet to do to you

When you think about a sexy pair of feet, what do you want to happen with them? Some of you might say, “ohh kick me in the balls or step on my dick with your sexy feet.” What about those sexy feet rubbing your dick or giving you a foot job you know jerking off your dick between those feet!  So what do you enjoy with your foot fetish fantasies, or reality, as the case might be?

Foot fetish lovers chime in

So to all you sexy feet loving men out there, chime in and tell me what about your foot fetish do you enjoy? Is it touching those pretty toes or even sucking them? Do you like to have them in your face sniffing those sexy feet? Or do you just want them all over your horny hard dick so you can cum on those pretty feet?

foot fetish

I need a pedicure