I have been asked many times what is my favorite sex toy to use on myself and hands down, my answer has always been my Hitachi Magic wand, but it is not just for women. I find using the wand during a hot tease and delay session can totally drive someone wild.

Chastity and the wand

Now, since I am such a lover of chastity and the magic wand, makes sense that I would combine the two. I have done this several times with denial pets and the results have varied depending on the situation. I know one slut who, while locked in chastity, only used the wand for 5 minutes and came and then I have others who just got teased in that cage more than pleasure.

Tease and Delay time

So recently, I had my chastity slut use his brand new Hitachi wand on his cage and although it made his little penis grow in the cage, it was more of a tease and delay of orgasm rather than he could actually orgasm just by using the wand. Oh, but don’t fear! We plan to keep trying with it….and as far as I am concerned, him cumming makes no difference to my pleasure. I enjoyed seeing him frustrated.

Bare dick + Hitachi wand

Now once I allowed him to unlock he had a bit more of a response to the wand and, like most people, he needed a break from the deep vibrations of the wand. I liked him having to ask me Mistress please may I take a break from the wand because I knew he didn’t want to cum. He wanted to delay that orgasm….after all, he gets so very few.

Hitachi wand orgasm

The tease and delay of his orgasm only lasted so long because he was desperate for that release and all his edging and denial was really making him ache. I had him place the wand under his cum filled balls and let his tease and delay end with an explosive orgasm.

Do you dig the wand?

For those of you who have one, do you dig it? Can you cum from it? Is it too intense? Does it do nothing for you? Share. I really want to know your thoughts.

tease and delay